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  1. Hello
    I just discovered your article “7 Modern Marketing Frameworks Every Startup Needs to Know”. I found it quite interesting.
    I’m the content manager of the website (doing business in Brussels, created by the Brussels Enterprise Agency) and also of the newsletter sent to more than 24.000 entrepreneurs.
    I’m constantly looking for interesting articles, so I wondered if I could use this article for the site and newsletter. It would need to be translated in dutch and french. Of course I would mention your name and link to the original article.
    Would you give me the permission to use it?

    • LA

      April 22, 2015 at 10:19 pm

      Hey Katia — thanks for reading! Please send me an email about this at my email address above. We may be able to work something out. Cheers!

  2. Hello Lloyd,

    My name is Vlad, I am a founder of a social fitness mobile app Magra.
    Read your article on Medium yesterday. Enjoyed it very much.

    I am facing this dilemma now, as well. Trying to figure out how to improve retention on our app. I was wondering, if you will be able to help me to make my fitness community app to become addictive as well? ))



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